Uptown Shakes
"He had a small house near the sea, but to go to the beach had to go through in front of a bar, I never bathed me".

If you a rich and famous, if you have a creative mind and you love to enjoy life, then most certainly you have a house near the sea. And when you visit this house, you most certainly won't be there by yourself and would throw a party for all local people.

Paul Bigsby is an ideal example. An iconic engineer and designer, the creator of legendary electroguitars and big music fan.

"I can build anything" said Mr. Bigsby. Friends Orchestra can create and build great bars with special inner vibe. Bigsby bar is situated in Academgorodok upper zone. The place is designed in a distinct classic style with bright colours, wooden panels and warm lights. Fancy dinner, a date or just a usual ending of a workday – Bigsby can make this moments more emotional and special.

Where you want to be seated? A cozy table for two on the second floor or at the bar? If have a big company try the big table at the podium. Vinyl player is swinging Beach boys record already so it's time to check out the drinks menu.

Cocktails or wine? We created 3 categories inspired by Academ spirit and engineering legacy of Mr.Bigsby.

Retro. A vision of Academ history through twists on classic cocktail and wine classics.

Tech. A reference to Tech park and general advance scientific focus of Academ. The cocktails from this category are created by neural network (I can build everything, you know), which is learning for several month already.

Nature. This category is all about local and eco ingredients for cocktails, while organic and biodynamic wines are on the list also. The category broadcasts Academ and Botanical Garden ecology values, along with global eco movement.

We've already mentioned Paul Bigsby's engineering talents in Tech category. But great technology has best materials and design. Our kitchen is inspired by this approach. The main ingredient in the dish is cooked in the exact suitable way to save it's natural taste, we just add slight accents underline it. Do you want to get deep into taste notes and the idea of the dish? There's a field for it. Or just want to make yourself pleased with something new? You can do it also, but don't wait to much, because the menu is changed seasonally. So what about "materials"? An Italian parmesan and foie gras have their place in the menu. We don't limit ourselves with particular direction or style, so our food will be different in a good way.

What's the music be like? This format is values the connection between engineering talent and the love of arts. Besides our vinyl records collection, we invite music fans with their personal selection to play couple of tunes. There is something truly sacred in this ritual: you take a record out of the package, gently put it on a player and very gently put a tone arm… This is a final touch to the Bigsby bar atmosphere.

A small house near the sea. You can see those in Biarittz and Porto or Sidney or San Francisco. There is one in Academ named Bigsby – a place about special tastes.

10 Il'icha street, Academgorodok
+7 961-227-84-77
Mo-Th 16:00 - 01:00
Fr 16:00 - 02:00
Sa 12:00 - 02:00
Su 12:00 - 01:00